Are the Roads in the United Kingdom Safe?

United Kingdom safe roadsThe world is becoming familiar with the problem of alcoholism in the United Kingdom. This region is known for its strong draw to alcohol through culture and tradition, and with the music and party scene stronger than ever in the United Kingdom, the problem of alcoholism is steadily increasing. It is estimated that drunk driving is responsible for as much as 40-percent of all road deaths around the globe. Considering the United Kingdom’s drinking culture, driving through the area is a legitimate concern. Are the roads in the United Kingdom even considered safe to drive?

Fortunately, alcohol related road deaths in the United Kingdom have been on the decline over the last several decades. In the late 1980’s, the United Kingdom was experiencing a crisis of drunk driving charges that totaled nearly 115,000 per year between England, Wales and Scotland. Presently, the numbers are closer to 93,000 per year, which is not a drastic decrease but a slight alleviation of the problem. The number of fatalities over the same span of years has decreased at a much more drastic rate. In 1988, there were 38,000 documented drunk driving fatalities, while in the present day, the number is closer to 22,000. 90-percent of drunk driving charges are given to males.

While it is encouraging that drunk driving statistics in the United Kingdom have stopped rising, the charges and fatalities on the roads of the region are still shocking. Much of the drunk driving issue is blamed on the ever-present drinking culture that exists in England, Wales and Scotland. Alcohol rehabs and treatment centers of the United Kingdom are making an effort to reach out to alcoholics so that they can be connected to necessary treatment, but there is still much change that needs to take place. If you are a person struggling with alcoholism in the United Kingdom, know that there are numerous treatment options available to you and addiction experts eager to help you to the road of recovery.

Alcoholics in the United Kingdom should seek addiction treatment without hesitation. There are a number of rehabilitation facilities located in London, Birmingham and Leeds. Many United Kingdom residents even choose to travel outside of the U.K. for addiction treatment. In the United States, world class rehabs can be found in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. In Canada, treatment is available for addiction in Edmonton, Vancouver and Montreal.